Training Helps

Finally! A Great Cycling Site

I have been thinking to myself that there needs to be a site that gives quality training information and isn’t trying to sell you someting, I am looking at you, and I finally found it:

Here are some posts I found helpful:

  • Weight Loss – Click Here – In the past year I have lost 40 pounds and am working, albiet slowly, on the last 5 to 7ish pounds.  I am finding these last few to be the most difficult so any advice is great.
  • Training For Real People – Click Here – This post addresses one of the main reasons I am doing this blog.  Cat 5 dads (and moms) don’t have a lot of time to spare, so we need to make the time on our bikes count.  This post has a pretty good week workout plan that I think is fairly doable for those with time constraints.
  • Core Training, my least favorite thing – Click Here – I know I have to, but I don’t want to.  This is a good post on core training., I will do it, but I am going to be pissed the whole time.

Dig in, there is more to be found on their site.  If this is the only post of mine you read and you end up on their site, well I have done my job.


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