Almanzo Prep

In a couple weeks I am participating in my frist Gravel ride/race/event? I don’t know what to call it, but it will be my second attempt at a century ride and I very unwisely thought that attempt should be on Gravel. That said, bring the pain. Like the men and women of the Rapha Continental Rides I really enjoy epic rides.

My wife let me get a long ride in on Sunday, so I made the most of it and logged 70 miles. I rode with a good friend, I must say that when riding in small numbers miles feel longer since you don’t have the benefit of a large group. I hope that I am able to hang with a large group for the ride and make the 100 miles feel a little less crazy.

My wife and came to a good compromise for workouts and races on the weekend. If I ride Saturday she gets me Sunday, Its a good arrangement because it means I get to enjoy a ride, without feeling guilty, and know that I will be spending a good day with my wife and my son. I find that on top of that deal I try to help out a bunch more when I do go on the rides, for example I will try to take more night shifts and give her more sleep. Hopefully that helps a bit.

Here is a great Rapha ride, Click Here To View.


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