A Category 5 Dad

Now that the weather has been getting better, and my son is sleeping more, I have been able to get out on the road more.  I even had the opportunity to participate in my first race ever. The Ken Woods road race in Cannon Falls, MN, which was a learning experience.  The events both during and after that race were the inspiration for this blog.  Both some conversations with other riders who are fathers, and a contentious moment with a tired wife (who spent the day alone with her child while I played pretend pro racer) got me thinking about this blog.

The comment that got me thinking was, “Category 5 is for dad’s who can’t get out on the road as much as they would like.”  The response amongst the slow moving peleton was surprising, almost everyone in earshot was in agreement.  The moment was somewhat bittersweet.  It was good to know I wasn’t alone, but also tough to swallow the reality that our role as fathers means adjustments to our priorities.

I should be clear, we are all glad to race in Category 5.  My son is far more important to me than an upgrade in categories.  That said, I would love to improve as a cyclist.  I want to be the fastest, strongest, and lightest cyclist I can be.  So, my hope for this blog is to talk about how to become a better cyclist while being a great dad.  Which leads to the second aspect of this blog, how to become a better cyclist while being a better partner.

My wife wasn’t to happy about me being gone for the 5 best hours of the day.  I should mention it was the first 70 degree day of the season, and she was home alone with our son without a car, so she had reason to be frustrated.  That lead to a conversation about how we will balance my passion for cycling with our family life, with not that much of a resolution.

So, in summation, this blog will somehow cover this experience.  How it will, I don’t exactly know.  How long this blog will last?  Probably like 5 posts.


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